GeoSynth is a vst instrument I made several years ago, but never released – I wasn’t as excited as I’d hoped about the sounds it made. But it’s here now so you can judge for yourself. There’s no doubting that it’s a great idea, whether the sounds light your candle or not.

GeoSynth uses the vst 2.0 standard, and is windows-only.

Click here to download GeoSynth

Please use the serial number “706F-086B-ECE1-121F”


  • Contains a digital elevation model of planet earth.
  • Produces sound from the shapes of hills and valleys.
  • Movable and zoomable map, to choose which location to generate sound from.
  • Oscillators take their input waveform from a ‘terrain stylus’ which traces across landscapes at high speed, according to various modes of movement.
  • Drag and drop interface for setting terrain stylus paths on the map
  • Envelopes and LFOs to control all aspects sound generation
  • Lowpass, Highpass and Bandpass per-oscillator filtering
  • Pre & Post amplification for overdrive / distortion effects
  • Undo / Redo functionality for correction of mistakes
  • Oscilloscope overlay on the map, to visualise the sound being produced
  • VU meters on oscillators and master volume controls
  • Collection of preset sounds
  • Parameter automation using MIDI controllers or VST automation
  • All components of the synth are movable, resizeable and dockable
  • Switch between four persistable screen layouts
  • VST and Standalone Executable versions

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