This spectral delay is specially designed to expose higher level controls than other spectral delays effects, in order to facilitate interesting control changes within live performance.

Instead of allowing control over delay time and feedback for each delay band, a narrow set of controls can be used to control all delay bands simultaneously.

Also, this is the only spectral delay effect I know of in which the delay bands themselves are implemented in the time domain. This gives sample-accurate precision and causes cool artifacts to emerge when delay times become very short!


  • Mode (specify how delay varies across the set of delay bands. Available modes: sweep up, sweep down, sweep out, sweep in, random)
  • Max Delay (delay time of longest band. Other band delay times are spaced equally up to this time according to the order specified by ‘mode’)
  • Half Life (specifies a decay half-life for all bands. Feedback proportions are worked out automatically from each band’s delay time)
  • Min Freq, Max Freq (these controls allow you to specify the frequency range over which decay bands are spaced. For best results, restrict these to the frequency range which most of your signal occupies)
  • Number Of Bands (specify the number of delay bands. Caution: larger numbers of bands use more CPU!)
  • Output Level (master volume control for delay output)
  • Thru (amount of dry signal mixed into output)

Click here to download SpectralDelay


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