DelayCrossModulator performs frequency modulation via lfo-controlled delay lines, and cross-modulates the result with the input signal.

It can sound like a chorus, a vibrato or a fairly wild cloud of sound.


  • Freq Mod Poles (the number of channels to which frequency modulation is performed)
  • Freq Mod Rate (speed of the frequency modulation)
  • Freq Mod Depth (depth of the frequency modulation.  Note that large values cause latency, although the irregularity of this can be interesting effect in its own right)
  • Freq Mod Mix (dry/wet control to fade between input signal and frequency modulated signal)
  • Cross Mod Mix (dry/wet control to fade between output of Freq Mod Mix and cross modulation of dry and frequency modulated signal)

Click here to download DelayCrossModulator


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