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Other Plugins

This page is the home of all the other vst plugins I've made along the way. Some of these are spinoffs, born from accidents or experiments whilst developing something else.

The more recent ones are effects I have made primarily for my own use; I've been using live electronics within my own music-making, and occasionally code my own effects. Since they are designed to be used live, these effects tend to be simple, with low latency and low cpu footprints. They also have no installers, documentation, or user interfaces. In many cases they may also turn out to be a bit special-interest, as they are designed for my own very specific purposes. I will document their parameters as I upload them here, but apart from that you'll have to work them out as you go along.

These plugins are all windows/vst 2.0. In cases where the downloaded file is a .dll, simply copy it into your vst host application's vstplugins directory.


This spectral delay is specially designed to expose higher level controls than other spectral delays effects, in order to facilitate interesting control changes within live performance. Instead of allowing control over delay time and feedback for each delay band, a … Continue reading

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