Welcome to AnarchySoundSoftware!

All my vst plugins are available for free, and can be downloaded from this website.

New stuff will tend to appear from time to time, but its apparition will not be marked by any particular fanfare or publicity.

I’ve released the source code for some of my work under a FreeBSD license. Links to source distributions are placed next to each plugin.

I’ve done this because I often have requests for AudioUnit ports or other ongoing development for which I have no plans. But I’d love it if any other developer wants to take up the baton. If you make anything with the source code please drop me a line so that I can bask in your reflected glory and add a link to your work from this site!

Please let me know if you want me to release source code for anything that doesn’t yet have a source distribution on this site.

thanks for reading

big love etc

Leighton Hargreaves

There are now new versions of AnarchyRhythms and AnarchyEffects, including Mac versions!

These new versions were programmed by Gatis Ozols, supported and tested by Andrejs Eigus, and released as freeware under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL) with permission granted by Anarchy Sound Software.

Click here to redirect to the new versions!

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